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Friday, January 10, 2014

4 tips to picking a business meeting place

According to CEO Aigerim Shorman, an expert on how to pick the best meeting spots in *|GEOTAG|* and around the U.S., there are four simple steps to pick the best location for a client meeting, prospect pitch, or networking get-together:

1. Gain the home field advantage - Instead of leaving the question of where to meet open-ended in your initial invitation, suggest a meeting place up-front so that it's on your turf.

2. Minimize the hidden cost - Pick a venue that minimizes transportation and parking time (walking is preferable) so that you don't waste your day getting to and from the meeting.

3. Avoid obvious distractions - Steer clear of venues with loud clientele, annoying wait staff, excessive eye candy, or anything else that impedes the focus of the conversation.

4. Break down business barriers - Pick a place that's relaxed, conversational, and friendly, yet still professional. Think artisan coffee shops over mahogany steak houses.

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