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Friday, May 28, 2010

Lucky’s Pub & Grille opens

Lucky’s Pub & Grille opens
Lucky’s Pub & Grille, Southfield’s newest restaurant, sport bar and comedy club, opens its doors to patrons today. The 24,000-square-foot facility features a full menu for lunch and dinner, including Lucky’s signature pizzas and its famous chicken and waffles, multiple bars, four huge video walls, pool tables and a dance floor.
Located at 25333 W. 12 Mile Road in the Star Southfield complex, this is the third location in Metro Detroit operated by the locally owned and operated chain.
Lucky’s menu incorporates organic ingredients made in Michigan.
Other features include an outdoor patio for dining; a state-of-the-art audio and video system; free Wi-Fi; video games and dartboards; well lit, secure and VIP parking and more than 20 domestic and imported beers on tap.
For more information call 248-223-9725 or visit the Lucky’s Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

great sound and lights

Anonymous said...

Saturday was my first time there and I was really taken back on how nice it is. I really enjoyed myself and I will be back on a regular!

Caroll said...

For the first time, I visited Lucky's Bar and Grill in Southfield, MI tonight, Friday, July 9,
2010. After my friend paid $20 for both he and myself to enter the establishment, we walked around a bit and saw my girlfriend and her friend and sat down in the bar area. I asked for a glass of water and wine. The waiter
informed me that I could not order a glass of water and that they wanted me to purchase a bottle of water instead. She told me that after 9:00 pm I had to purchase a bottle of water if I wanted water. After paying $20 to get in I could not get a glass of water?!!! I thought that was ridiculous and very
upsetting. My girlfriend's boyfriend's friend (male), ordered water earlier with his drinks and his request was fulfilled. There was a guy next to me that ordered a glass of water (after 9:00 pm) and he got his request fulfilled. But
I think he was either a regular or a management. This is this discrimination!!
If I were fainting do I still have to pay for the bottle of water? I don't
think I would be coherent enough to do that.

Is there some rule in Michigan that I have to pay to get water after a certain
hour? Is this permissible? Is there a law that allows this ridiculous act to
happen?! I'm 48 years old and never heard of such a thing. This is very
upsetting, especially after paying $20 for 2 people. I can't get something as
simple as a glass of water?!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky's is a very nice bar.It also has comedy on certain nights hosted by Mike Bonner. If you like old school music you will love Lucky's on Friday!