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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Use social media networking to find a job

While recent news has questioned whether employers should be asking applicants for Facebook passwords, applicants are finding social media networking sites to be increasingly helpful in searching for employment. 
LinkedIn is the most traditional work-related networking site. While it started out pretty much like a Rolodex, it has evolved into a business connection site with groups to join and recently become more Twitter-like, only not so REM fast. LinkedIn is good for connecting with people that you have worked with or clients and associates. People can view your profile with links to your website, blogs and your resume.You can also search companies in your desired area, they often post job openings.
Twitter is more of a brief connection, but it can get you connected. If you don't know many people, start building your Twitter followers by location, (using advanced search). You don't need to know people to follow them. You can follow people who work in the industry that you're interested in. You can find out who works where you want to work and then find them on Twitter. You may need to go to the company website to get the Twitter handle. Direct message people that work at a place you would want to work and request to meet with them or just ask if they know if they are hiring. People are sometimes really helpful.
 If you have a lot of friends or family, particularly in the city that you want to work, focus on Facebook. It is still the top networking site. Become very conversational on your Facebook friends' posts. Like businesses that you want to work at. Make sure you have utilized all the features and post once a week about your job search. Stay positive, maybe slyly brag about your accomplishments.
As with all forms of networking, you should do what you're comfortable with, unless you're shy, then you need to push yourself out there.

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