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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cold calls: Not just for sales

Cold calls, or calling strangers, is daunting whether it be to apply for a job or to sell a product or conduct a survey.
Everybody that gets telemarketer calls knows how aggravating it is to get calls from someone who wants them to buy or do something.
So when you're the caller, how do you approach it?
First, know your audience.
If you're calling for a job, use Google to find out about the company.
If you are calling all homeowners, think about how you would use the product at your house.
It may sound corny, but write a short script, and memorize it. Then keep it in front of you, along with notes with responses for typical questions they may ask. 
Start out by stating your name, company and why you're calling. Say it slow enough so that they at least can process the reason you're calling.
Don't ask questions they can say no to, easily, like "May I take a moment of your time?" 
You don't need to ask, "How are you today?'"
Try to keep the script in memory, but be ready for interruptions. 
Remember to step outside of what you want and think about what they may want and how you can help.
Ask for action, or direction if they are not the right person. Then you can say something like, "Thank you for your time, good-bye."

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