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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vegan food truck rolling out sliders

A vegan food truck is hitting the streets to serve up vegan sliders, shakes and fries. Shimmy Shack’s official launch will be Aug. 3 at the Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market.
While other food trucks in the area offer vegetarian options, this truck offers a 100-percent vegan menu. Also, everything on the menu is gluten-free or has a gluten-free option.
Shimmy Shack’s menu includes three cooked sliders – black bean and rice burger with guacamole, a falafel burger with garlic sauce and a classic American cheese (lentil) burger – as well as a raw vegan Rueben, a delicious walnut burger on onion bread with thousand island dressing and sauerkraut. The truck also will serve up regular and sweet potato fries with special sauces and three types of vegan shakes – chocolate, strawberry and the Shimmy Original.
The eye-catching truck and the menu aren’t the only “green” things about Shimmy Shack. The truck also can be run on biodiesel fuel created from the used fryer oil. For more information, find Shimmy Shack on Facebook at or call 321-EATVEG-0 (321-328-8340).
The Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market is open 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays through Nov. 9. The market is usually located in George F. Riley Park, at Grand River Avenue at Grove Street but due to construction, the market has been relocated to a temporary location on Orchard St. at Farmington Road, behind Fitness 19. Enter off Farmington Road.


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