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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Recycling on the cheap

Our country was a little slow to jump on the recycling bandwagon and we may have started out with the wrong idea. Charging people to recycle is counter-effective to what is best for the environment. My waste hauler, Smith's Disposal & Recycling of Clarkston started out charging a nominal fee in addition to the regular trash fee. Now they just charge a one-time fee of $10 to new customers for recycling. At $69 for three months, I think it's a bargain to have my waste and recycling picked up from my curb every week.
But curbside recycling is limited.
With my waste hauler, there is an extra charge for items such as a dryer. However, if I put a dryer out at the curb a couple days before trash day, it is gone within a day. Presumably the scrappers, (Mad Max style), have spotted it and picked it up to sell for scrap at one of the numerous scrap recycling locations that have sprung up in the area.
I prefer to drop off my newspaper recycling at the nearby school's Abitibi Paper Retriever recycling bin. The school earns a little money and the papers stay dry. For a location near you, visit
Safe Harbor Recycling of Ortonville hosts recycling events in the Oakland County area. Safe Harbor provides recycling for hard-to-recycle items, (anything with a plug) and also offers free pick up for appliances.
Ace Hardware accepts alkaline batteries and CFL (compact flourescent) light bulbs.
Batteries Plus recycles batteries, light bulbs, cell phones and laptops.
Best Buy accepts electronics to recycle. They accept most TVs, monitors and projectors. They don't accept console TVs or projection screen TVs.
Radio Shack has Call2Recycle for recycling of certain batteries and electronics. It does not accept alkaline, non-rechargeable lithium or wet-cell batteries.

For more items and where to recycle, visit


Janey Jones said...

An excellent article. I would just like to say that Best Buy aren't the only recycler offering cash for electronics. There are now over 100 in the US alone so using a comparison site such as can help you get the best price out there.

Kathy Blake said...

You have a very good point, you can make money recycling old cell phones. Thank you.